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Monroe Welding Supply, Inc. was founded in August of 1948 by Riley and Tense Williams. For 65 years, Monroe Welding Supply has continued to meet the demands of all the businesses and people who are in need of quality merchandise and supplies geared for work in the metal trades. MWS is located on the corner of 18th St. and Washington St. on taking up 1 ½-city blocks. Family owned and operated, we are one of the largest distributors in North East Louisiana. We are best known for our honesty and old-fashioned personal service. MWS has been a BBB accredited business since 1967 in meeting standards of commitment and trouble shooting. Our professionalism, affordability and expertise have helped us build a client base that knows we do not sacrifice quality for price.


If you're in need of quality welding equipment and supplies but want to be sure that you're investing in a company that will deliver satisfactory results and service, contact Monroe Welding Supply, Inc. just off I-20 in Monroe, LA. The business uses three route sales trucks, five delivery trucks, five inside salesmen, three outside salesman and a support staff of 33 employees to sell welding equipment and supplies. We sell at the retail level in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and now expanding due to the Pipeline Industry.

Administrative Staff

President / Secretary – Sue Williams


Vice President – Christian Williams


Vice President – Lee Williams, Jr.


General Manager – Brian Herrington


Treasurer – Susie Lively

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410 N 18th street

Monroe, LA, 71201

Call:     800-854-4239

Office: 318-387-3731

Fax:     318-387-3776